20 July, 2016

PeopleNotes: an online tool with real-time SEL

Real-time SEL

If you work with students, clients, staff.... you know that are in the business of real-time social and emotional learning for you and the people who you support.

The challenges of SEL

For each person you work with you need to
  • Know what matters
  • Do what works
  • Be accountable
If you work in an organisation, your colleagues and other stakeholders will also be working with these same people so you also need to
  • Know what is happening
  • Work with others to improve what is happening
  • Make it easier for the next person to do well

There is an app for that!!

With more than 50 years experience as a teacher, principal and superintendent and consultant I am well aware of just how challenging the above requirements are in real time.

So I have developed PeopleNotes, an app that enables individual users and teams to meet the six challenges above.

PeopleNotes main page

To see what is  possible you can create a free account to share with a colleague. Customise it to meet your needs and use your organisation's everyday terminology and language.

If you like what you experience with PeopleNotes, please share it with friends and colleagues.

And I will be delighted to get your feedback and enquiries. Hope to here from you soon.

PS. PeopleNotes is not just for schools - it is everyone is involved in supporting and developing others.