20 November, 2016

Thanks for visiting


Firstly, thanks for visiting!!

I am intrigued. I notice that my blog is receiving quite a lot of visitors, including you today.

Secondly, if you can spare the time, you might be kind enough to give me some feedback and help to make the blog even better.

I would be grateful for your responses to the following three questions.
  1. What is your professional role? 
  2. What are you finding useful? 
  3. What else would be useful to you?
You can share your insights  here or simply email me at inschoolsolutions. All responses are anonymous.

Thanks for your insights and time. Much appreciated.


20 July, 2016

PeopleNotes: an online tool with real-time SEL

Real-time SEL

If you work with students, clients, staff.... you know that are in the business of real-time social and emotional learning for you and the people who you support.

The challenges of SEL

For each person you work with you need to
  • Know what matters
  • Do what works
  • Be accountable
If you work in an organisation, your colleagues and other stakeholders will also be working with these same people so you also need to
  • Know what is happening
  • Work with others to improve what is happening
  • Make it easier for the next person to do well

There is an app for that!!

With more than 50 years experience as a teacher, principal and superintendent and consultant I am well aware of just how challenging the above requirements are in real time.

So I have developed PeopleNotes, an app that enables individual users and teams to meet the six challenges above.

PeopleNotes main page

To see what is  possible you can create a free account to share with a colleague. Customise it to meet your needs and use your organisation's everyday terminology and language.

If you like what you experience with PeopleNotes, please share it with friends and colleagues.

And I will be delighted to get your feedback and enquiries. Hope to here from you soon.

PS. PeopleNotes is not just for schools - it is everyone is involved in supporting and developing others.