15 October, 2011

3 Tiers of Restorative practices

I came across this diagram explaining three levels of intervention as it applies to the use of Restorative Practices.

For those involved in School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support or PBIS, this diagram will be very familiar!!

It is really the same idea as the triangle of universal, secondary and tertiary SWPBS interventions.

In simple terms, the three ties of intervention using restorative practices are as follows:
  • School-Wide Prevention Practices include the
    • use of affective statements
    • extensive use of circles for a wide range of everyday purposes
    • and all the SWPBS universal interventions
  • Managing Difficulties includes
    • the use of the restorative questions
    • more use of circles focused on existing and/or emerging issues with selected students
    • restorative meetings
  • Intense Intervention includes
    • restorative conferences
The diagram is from Restorative Justice - a working guide for our schools - a sound, easy-to-read guide to implementing what some call "restorative practices" at the school or school district level.