21 May, 2012

Doubts about Restorative Practices

I am noticing more expressions of doubt about the efficacy of Restorative Practices (RPs).  
The implications are that we may need to communicate better with our 'constituents':

  1. RPs are not a panacea - it is not always the only answer to the immediate problem
  2. We don't use RPs as an either/or strategy - it is an important (but not the only) part of what we do to repair relationships and the harm done when things go wrong between people.
  3. RPs are not just a form of high support - done properly they exert a high level of control and are also challenging to all concerned (ref. The Social Discipline Window)
  4. RPs are not done TO or FOR 'offenders'.
  5. Restorative Practices need to be done professionally - critics often see RPs as an amateurish activity, and perhaps that is what they have seen.