16 June, 2012

Restorative Pratices - where is your focus?

This week, as usual, I saw lots of headlines about schools reducing suspensions, having fewer problems... These messages seem to be mainly messages to the community about the school . Fair enough!! But one slightly different headline caught my eye - it was a message to students:
  •    "We want you here!" (more)
Such schools are voicing a direct commitment to their students, all their students!! Not just those who arrive at school in reasonable shape and comply with the schools' expectations.

Many problematic students are not wanted anywhere else in our communities... school might be their only chance to be wanted in a healthy community, yet to belong is a basic human need we all share. This is fundamental to the success of Restorative Practices - that those who have done harm can still belong.

How clearly does your school communicate with the students that they are wanted?"